Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

About us

EUROFILMERS, who we are

We have been existing for a long time already, since the days of 1967. At that time, the reasons to incorporate the EAK was the desire to create a fair platform, where each amateur filmmaker can present his film and meet other people who pursue the same hobby.

Our members come from various European countries. Therefore we chose the name Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video - EAK" (European Circle of Video and Film Authors).

In our events filmmakers of various cultures meet for an exchange of ideas and to present their videos. Membership can be obtained via a film or video club but we also welcome independent members in the association.


What do we offer?

The EAK has divided Europe into different regions. Every year in springtime for each region a so-called “film forum” is organized, in which film authors can submit their films.

A jury consisting of several competent experts evaluates the films and determines which videos will be forwarded to the EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL which will be hosted by clubs in anually variing locations in autumn.

On these occasions a film author can compare between his own project and the performance of others and often contacts and friendships develop, which are of great value not only for further film productions but also in geneal respect.


Evaluation of Films

We have experienced jurors on hand. We intentionally exclude jurors from professional factions. A sheet with evaluation items has been developed, in which each juror must commit himself to a clear statement. He/she also has the opportunity to bring up uncertain items for discussion.

After evaluation in a forum and the festival the films are shown in public, but without discussing them. By this we avoid that a statement night be made by a juror which could hurt the author. After the award presentation ceremony the author will receive an evaluation sheet, quoting his averaged scores. By this he/she can see which parts of his/her performance have been well done successful and which parts need improvement. Special emphasis is put on a cordial approach of filmmakers, jurors and organizers. The most sincere atmosphere makes each film forum or festival of the EAK a great experience.


Our Objectives

Conservation and further development of amateur video production. It is not our intention to turn an amateur filmmaker into a professional one. We would like to offer a home for amateurs and encourage filmmakers for even better performance.

Simply submit your video, even if not being an EAK member. The entry fee is easily affordable.


Why joining the EUROFILMERS? Reasons for becoming a member:

- Exchange of ideas and assistance among each other, with companion clubs and independent members

- Presentation and evaluation of one own films. This is the only way of to see iny how your film comes across in public.

- Official magazine "Der Eurofilmer" free of charge with latest information about video technology, our events and reports by members.

- GEMA (Performing Right Society for Music) free of charge for presentation of your videos in our events, in our clubs and presentations of independent members.

- Lectures, tutorials, workshops and presentations about filming and editing by our experienced consultants

- You receive a membership card which reveals you as an amateur filmmaker and asks for support in several languages.

- Planning and execution of common projects

- Parcticipation in Eurofilmer competitions

- Convivial meetings do never go short in our film clubs and events

- Join us / become a member to us and meet many new film friends

- We assist with help and advice in establishing film clubs