Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Report on the occasion of the 40th Euro-Filmfestival in Bludenz

Dear Eurofilmers from near and far!

As president of the EAK, I am pleased to report on this year’s meeting in Bludenz, located in Vorarlberg, Austria. On the occasion of its 45th anniversary, the Bludenz Filmclub hosted the 40th Euro-Filmfestival in the magical little town of Bludenz, set among impressive mountain ranges.

In my welcoming speech at the mayor's reception I quoted from Charles Kettering on the subject of happiness: "Happiness is usually only a collective name for efficiency, wisdom, diligence and perseverance". This should now be the main focus of my report and be discussed in more detail.

How true this quote is still today, which shows how lucky we Eurofilmers were to be able to fall back on such a wonderful organiser as our Werner Scheffknecht with his team, the Bludenz Filmclub.

Even luckier: we were able to warmly congratulate the film club on its 45th anniversary. We wish you all the best for the future and above all a lot of fun with our creative hobby of “filming" with a group of like-minded people.

Fortunately, the EAK could also congratulate a very committed chairman, Werner Scheffknecht, who is celebrating his 30th anniversary as chairman of the Bludenz Filmclub this year. You, dear Werner – as the head of the whole organisation – have spent a lot of time, effort and passion on this. I would also like to thank your dear wife, Gaby, who has always been a great help to you.

We are also lucky that we found excellent equipment on hand for our festival, which left nothing to be desired. We all know how much work is involved in arranging such an event. Our special thanks go to all the organisers, who worked diligently behind the scenes and made our days as pleasant as could be.

Our special thanks go to the city of Bludenz for their support and to all other sponsors who contributed to the perfect preparation of the festival. Above all, I would like to mention the mayor of the city of Bludenz, Mandi Katzenmayer, who took the opportunity to attend the banquet and awards ceremony in the mountain restaurant Muttersberg on Saturday.

I would also like to mention the city councillor for culture and associations Christoph Thoma and thank you for the greetings in our festival brochure.

Fortunately for us, we Eurofilmers also enjoyed your hospitality, and the warmth with which we were received and entertained by you. Our thanks go to the hard-working ladies who served us with the lovingly baked cakes.

Your friendliness and helpfulness are exemplary.

The well-planned bus trip to the Vorarlberg power plant and the alternative city tour through Bludenz were very informative for all participants. We like to think back to the convivial evenings in the Kohldampf Inn. These evenings will also remain in our happy memories for a long time to come.

Our authors were also lucky, as they had to establish themselves in the various forums with their films and qualify for this year's Euro-Filmfestival by achieving a certain number of points. Not an easy task, because to produce a film needs a lot of skill but also efficiency, diligence and perseverance.

As in previous years, many high-quality films in the fields of documentary, reportage, fiction, animation and travel were shown in the Remise Cultural Centre in Bludenz.

It was not an easy task for the jury, which met in July 2018 in a former school building of the city of Bludenz. The result is impressive, as 8 gold, 31 silver and 24 bronze medals were awarded to the authors this year.

There were 63 interesting and really great movies and 21 minute-movies shown, which did not diminish the conviviality and interaction that we all wanted. One can, as so often in life, disagree as to whether more films enrich the festival, but the number of films has contributed to this balanced relationship of sociability and to the entertaining viewing of films in a relaxed atmosphere, on a well-organised schedule and in a positive mood.

The wisdom, diligence and perseverance of all the organisers contributed to the success of this year's EUROFILM FESTIVAL 2018 in Bludenz.

At the end I can only express the wish that we may spend many hours together at EAK-Festival meetings in the future, combined with enjoying further interesting and creative film ideas.

Your President

Uwe Haase