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A prehistoric rock has turnet 90 years old

Gerhard Plambeck turned 90 this December, and his passion for amateur film still drives him today. Gerhard Plambeck never misses an opportunity to attend film events. The shooting of his last film wasn't that long ago.

"Gegen das Vergessen" (Lest we Forget) is a moving film in which Plambeck deals with his experiences during the Second World War. The impetus for filming came from his work as a pyrotechnician in a professional movie.

Numerous appearances as a supporting actor and an extra have given the always inquisitive Plambeck a deeper insight into "how they do it". Gerhard Plambeck was a juror at the EAK for many years. The lovable film enthusiast could have a fit if the masking was missing in the projection of super-eight films or was poorly adjusted. At the end of the nineties, Gerd Plambeck was one of the first to open a club cinema. No television station in Germany missed it. And even the former Ufa star Ilse Werner, the woman with whom he was friends until her death, loved this little cinema above all else. "Plammi, I feel so at home in your cinema!"

That's what we still feel today and wish you, dear Gerd., happy times in your wonderful age, with the love of film and by your side, your film-friends.