Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

About the indestructibility of the EAK - a not totally serious contemplation

The Cassandra-warnings of the extinction of the now 40-year-old EAK are contrasted with irrefutable facts. The typical German in his endless variety has one thing in common: he is a man of clubs. If allies wanted to explore the essence of the German, they would certainly find their first club ID cards. There are around 600,000 clubs in Germany, and there are more and more (up 30% in the last 20 years).

The Austrian writer Robert Musil once said: “Clubs promote the aspirations of their members and disrupt those of the others" This may be true for most of them, such as the "Central Association For Natural Sausage Skins”, whose future is threatened by the competition "Artificial Sausage Skin Group”, but not for the EAK.

Its relationship with the brothers of formerly hostile associations has developed in the very best way, because it was recognised that “natural sausage skin” stands in blatant contrast to “artificial sausage skin”, but amateur film always remains amateur film, and this commonality promotes an unbreakable bond. Let's take a look at these points and consider the fact that there have been clubs for centuries (the only reason the EAK is not that old is because it failed to invent cinema sooner) then we can worry about our descendants. If the growth rate of club members increases as described above, the future citizen will already be born as a club-member - and why shouldn't this also include the new generation of EAK members?

Peter Klüver