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European Film & Video Makers Circle

A little, new film show in Lübeck

Thursday, October 2nd, 2017. It's 1:30. Check everything again. Heino Schenck and I want to go to Lübeck for an appointment. It’s not a long way, 46 kilometres from Hamburg. But long enough when you forget something. Bluray plugged in and checked once again on my player. Running! What if the player in Lübeck is different?

All right, I'll grab my player, take it with me. Better safe than sorry. Where was the Bluray now? Yes, in the suitcase, let's go. Appointment for the technical set-up with Joachim Bauer from the Lübeck club "ASFA" is at 2:30 pm. No, not in the clubhouse, but at AWO, the Workers' Welfare Association Lübeck. I don't know where that is. The film enthusiasts make a guest appearance there once a month and show films. Great commitment. Next year only twice a year. Too bad for the AWO.

Well, we leave the A1, Joachim had told me head for “Lübeck Mitte”. The sign just says “Centrum”. I guess it's right. Just over the first roundabout and then you’ll see...... I know, such descriptions. You end up standing around somewhere in the area looking for the venue, because you don't have any real information. I think it will be like that and suddenly I'm standing in front of a sign "AWO". Crazy! There’s a parking area right outside the door. Where do you ever see that?

Now we're 20 minutes early and wait in the car. All right, Heino and I always have something to talk about. Then four people from the club are there and setting up. Move tables and chairs, set up the screen, organise the equipment. The EAK president is already there as a club member with his First Lady. Yeah. Heike is good for you! That lady has a warm heart.

The projector is still dead, why? Everything is turned on, but it still doesn't work. Now the indicator lamp lights up. Now it doesn’t. Oh, it's just a shaky contact at the power input. JUST A SHAKY CONTACT ON THE PROJECTOR? I don't believe it!  I don't want chaos in my head right now. I must concentrate on a few words to introduce the films to 25 people.

Well, I think Joachim had some concerns … by the last count it was only six. The projector is still running. Thank goodness. Little greeting, cheering up people a little, expectant mood. Works out pretty well. First film: “For a Prize of Salt" by Hansueli Holzer. Easy amazement despite 16:9 on 4:3 screen. Bright above, nothing below. How much can you lower your standards?

Dark room, bright picture with living-room sound. That's it, a local cinema with applause. Then: “The Last Garden" by Hans-Werner Breiter. Wondering how the camera can fly beside the cranes. “A World Cultural Heritage Site with a Hook” from the Hamburg Film Club almost evokes feelings of home.

Now a short break with coffee and our own Lübeck biscuits, followed by the first conversations. Do not touch the projector or even switch it off! I'm getting warm. So then: “The Call Of The Icy Winds" by Willi Grau helps me further. Amazement in the AWO group and smiles "In The Realm Of The Tree Frogs" by Frank Lauter. 90 minutes are almost up and Joachim has doubts whether the audience and the projector can hold out. Of course, they demand the last movie.

"The Golden Mountain" obviously upsets them, Urs Schadegg moves them and makes them speechless. But then there is great interest. It’s the same with us, Heino and me. There it is again, the great satisfaction of having brought joy to a small group with films from Eurofilmer's large stock. Thank you, thank you very much! To the authors and also to the projector!


Wolfgang Thomas