Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Euro-Filmfestival 2017

How was the festival in Harsefeld?

How were the three days at the Euro-Filmfestival of the European Authors' Circle (EAK) in Harsefeld? What did film-makers and guests think of the celebrations? What was good, what left something to be desired? Three filmmakers speak for themselves. 

Günter Walz from Karlsruhe particularly praised the enormous variety of film themes. In the 15 years he has been a member of the EAK, he had never before experienced such great diversity. “The cinema in Harsefeld is great, “he said, "a cosy, nostalgic cinema, and the fact that there is also a hotel and restaurant right next to it makes the venue outstanding. What is also outstanding is the technology installed in the cinema, which makes a flawless presentation of the films possible. “I find”, Günter Walz concluded, “the festival in Harsefeld went off at least as well as the one in Ahrensburg last year.”

Suzy Sommer from Luxembourg, who has been a member of the EAK for six years together with her husband, was enthusiastic about the many people and the wonderful atmosphere she experienced during the three days - a pleasant compensation for the tiring eight-hour journey from Luxembourg to Harsefeld. She also praised the Hotel-Kino Meyer, the exceptionally good technology that enabled the films to be shown with the best image and sound. And all this in the charming cinema, especially nicely decorated with its small table lamps. But there is also a small point of criticism, namely the ill-manners of some moviegoers who, while a film is running on the screen, talk to each other and thus disturb the attention of the audience sitting around. There shouldn't be so much thoughtlessness.

Harald Scholz from Vienna has been to BDFA competitions in Harsefeld four times. So he knows his way around and he is enthusiastic about the “likeable Kino Meyer with its excellent screening technique and the nice people you always see here.” This time he notes in particular the many informative films shown at the EAK competition, though mostly of medium quality. “The good organisation in the preparation of the festival, the pleasant combination of cinema, hotel and restaurant are guarantors for the smooth running, which we experienced once more in Harsefeld.” said Harald Scholz in conclusion.


Max Conradt