Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Euro Film Festival 2017

"We don't have to be ashamed of our films."

The festival was opened by EAK President Uwe Haase, who welcomed all authors, visitors and film enthusiasts from near and far. He commended the 51 films from various categories to those present and emphasised that they did not only come from the German-speaking countries, but also through the active support of representatives from France, Luxembourg and the Scandinavian region, as the Eurofilmers intended. He promised that the films lovingly created by the film amateurs with their creativity and artistic ideas would once again entertain the guests.

Peter Klüver made the introductions for the individual films and handled this with mastery and his inimitable humour. Films that couldn't be more different were shown. From funny animations, through dramatic stories, to elaborate reportage, in which the documentaries and reportages predominated in terms of numbers.

For the Saturday afternoon, a bus ride to the artists' village Worpswede with a city tour, a pause for coffee and cake and a carriage ride through a part of the Devil's Moor was organised for those interested. Those who stayed behind were able to enjoy a selection of the best films from 39 years of EAK festival winners, presented by Reinhard Merke from Cologne.

According to Uwe Haase, not only has technology changed in recent decades, but also the way we watch. But despite the most modern recording, editing and post-processing techniques, it takes more than that to create an interesting film. It is still dependent on the skill, creativity and ability of the author to develop his own, sometimes new ideas and often to go in unusual directions.

He quoted ancient wisdom from the Orient: "Patience is the key to paradise", and Catherine of Siena, who said: “The reward is not for starting, but for perseverance". For the amateurs, it was pleasure and joy in filming rather than profit. He concluded with the words: "Friends, we don't need be ashamed of our films".


Helmi Hansen