Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle


Dear film lovers,

The atmosphere on board the EURO-FILMFESTIVAL 2017 in the small town of Harsefeld near the somewhat larger town of Buxtehude in Lower Saxony couldn't have been better.

Numerous articles in this edition of EUROFILMER-digital testify to this. Staying with the metaphor of the amateur film-ship, we found with great relief, that we were not on the "Titanic". The ship was on a safe course with its 51 very impressive films. This was thanks to the authors who submitted their films and more than 60% of them were present. It was also due to the incomparably good professional projection of all the films in a traditional cinema, and to the organisers and the conviviality of the many people present.

The unusually numerous contributions to the review of our festival are a novelty, but perhaps it was to be expected as a reflection of the three successful days in Harsefeld which inspired so many Euroflmers to write.

Another novelty in the 39-year history of these film festivals was the awarding of seven gold medals. A clear proof of the high quality of films taking part!

This powerful event under the direction of Wolfgang Thomas and his expert team demonstrated the vitality of our association. The imminent danger of an aging population could be seen but not felt. We secure the future with the healthiest possible way of life for our association members and our efforts to attract young, film-enthusiasts; this is a "broad area?"! In any case, 2018 is guaranteed! We owe this to our Austrian film friends and their representative Werner Scheffknecht.

In Günter Viereckt’s article we say goodbye to Hansruedi Wiget from Switzerland. For decades, our friend from the alpine country was a creative and innovative co-organiser of the association's internal development and also a successful film maker with many films that will be remembered.

See you again in Bludenz at the latest! But let's just enjoy the gleanings from 2017 and treat ourselves to a quiet and peaceful Christmas!

With warm regards and best wishes for a happy New Year

Peter Klüver