Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

SIFA Festival / EURO forum in Wald

by Ruedi Wiget

"Variety of topics at the film festival" was the headline in the local press. Although only 21 films were submitted, the headline was true.

Good advertising meant that 70 viewers were in the hall for the first film, which naturally made us very happy, because besides a few film makers, these were mainly people from the village come to watch the films.

But one has to say that the screenings did not start until around 9:30. This is the advantage of the smaller number of competition entries, you do not have to start screening at 8:00 or even earlier.

The number of viewers increased then so that in the afternoon there were around 100 spectators present. Technically, everything went smoothly and without a hitch, even the 16mm film by Günter Viereckt ran flawlessly.

The "Filmerbeiz" had their hands full, "Mince with macaroni and apple sauce" went like hotcakes and finally some would-be lunchers had to be given a refund, because there simply was no more food. But cake was sold, which helped the club coffers, since all baked goods had been given free by our lady filmers.

The Banquet in the Windegg and subsequent award ceremony was the culmination of a successful day. An excellent dinner and an atmospheric prize giving ceremony rounded off the day.

Conclusion: Even with fewer films a nice and warm festival can be held.