Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Authors evening in Hamburg

by Harald SCHOLZ

The invitation to an author evening in Hamburg on the occasion of my last film: "END" could be described in one sentence:

"A very nice, interesting and memorable experience."

What made me feel this way is a wealth of individual experiences. A detailed description is beyond the scope of this article but nevertheless, I want to highlight a few points:

- A cinema-minded, interested, well-versed and attentive audience that gives a "lecturer" a sense of belonging. I would like to heartily thank all those present once again.

- An organizer, Mr. Wolfgang Thomas,  State Commissioner - South, by whom I was not only personally looked after the entire period, but whose universally creative and organizational talents and unshakable calm made this event so special.

- A beautiful room, with great projection, that was managed calmly by an experienced team and perfectly handled without my having to intervene once with correction.

- A city where I felt immediately at home, and "last but not least" the joy of meeting once again sympathetic and friendly people and getting to know new ones.

For me it is an honour to belong to the circle of "EUROFILMERS".