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Film makers authors and the jury
by Gerhard Plambeck

My topic has been so overused by now that I no longer want to write about it. Both film makers and jurors are really good film enthusiasts and for both their hobby is filmmaking. But at every film competition there is a distance between them.  The film makers have made their films and the judges must now evaluate these films. The problem is that there are no measuring instruments for reviewing movies. Therefore, we need several jurors because naturally each juror gives different evaluations. One considers the movie good, others find it not so good. Sometimes their opinions are very far apart.

The average is then worked out from the different opinions. The result is the prize awarded to the film. If the film judging uses a scoring system, then the filmmaker gets a written document with all the details about his film rating.

When I participated in the jury, all the results of movie evaluations were discussed again prior to deciding the awards, and each juror was asked if he agreed with the prize for the film. Possible discrepancies could then be balanced. I am convinced a film judgement can never be equitable. As a spectator, I like to visit film competitions, because there I watch with great pleasure the best movies of the filmmakers.

For me a film competition is an event that should end with joy and satisfaction. We film makers can contribute to that, if we were prepared to be satisfied with the prizes for our films. According to some people, that's impossible, for example, if you only get an "honourable mention". I say it is possible to show a satisfied expression.

Yet many still say to themselves: "l have, nevertheless, made a film with so much love and labour, that was even shown to an audience. Why was it still so poorly assessed by the jury? They grumble about the jury, but this is unjust, because the jurors have no reason to give a film bad grades. The judges are always trying to get the best for a movie. They too feel badly if a film cannot get a higher rating.

Much in life has become digital and we wait to see if movie rating can be tackled by computers. It has even arrived in football.  Let's just hope that the discussions remain analog.
I wish you all "good light"