Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

What happens next?

By Uwe Haase

Dear Eurofilmers,

You have chosen me to succeed our film-friend Fritz Kümmel. I thank you wholeheartedly for the confidence placed in me and happily accept your decision.

For me it is a self-evident obligation to continue the constructive work associated with the Board you have re-elected. For this reason, I ask you to extend this confidence also to the other board members. I am convinced that together we will all do our best to lead the EURO FILMER onwards, because there are difficult times ahead.

Among the problems which await us in the future are the number of film entries, the length of EUROFlLMFESTIVALS, finances, our older age profile, volunteer activities as well as existing and future activities of the Eurofilmers. These are not only a concern of mine, but provide us all with great challenges. To cope with these complex tasks, it requires everyone’s efforts to secure the continued existence of the Eurofilmers.

Above all I am asking the members themselves for new ideas. We are increasingly dependent on new initiatives and ideas from your ranks. I will always be ready to listen to your requests or suggestions and I hope for a lively exchange from both sides.
I realise that this requires everyone’s constructive cooperation and this can only be achieved in a trusting relationship with the management board, the State Commissioners and me. With this sentence we want to begin a new phase in the history of the Eurofilmers.
Allow me to conclude my report with a personal wish:
I wish that in future we double the number of people in each senior post on the board.