Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Eurofilmer report - Film criticism, but how do I say it ?

Many of the members of the association are overwhelming an author with praise, but are afraid to offer criticism. One does not want to upset or offend his friend. Not infrequently, the smallest critical note is taken personally and it is taken like a sulky child.

But why then are we in a club or an interest group? We want to be better, we want to learn, we want our films to reach the audience. Some also want to participate in competitions and of course be successful. However, this is only possible if one talks about one's own productions, and objective, constructive criticism is practiced in a calm atmosphere. No criticism "below the belt", but rather politely and as a matter of fact, as well as elsewhere at every level in our association.

We don’t want to be nit-pickers, but just draw an author's attention to mistakes, which also occur in otherwise good films. Not only film makers, but also critics learn a lot in the discussion about the formal and content criteria of a film.

At the Eurofilmer competitions, we get to know film friends from all over Europe, with whom we can engage in a lively exchange of experience. The EAK is constantly looking for new jurors who are intensively trained before their deployment. These training courses not only lead to a more knowledgeable assessment of the works of our film friends, but are also a very good opportunity to improve the prerequisites for the design of own films.
Be brave!
Please contact your regional representative!

Frieder Mallon