Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Euroflmer internal news - Executive Board Election 2017 - Thank you for taking part in the election!

A "hearty THANK YOU" to all members of the EAK-members for the vote, and the confidence we have shown! The new elections 2017 of the EUROFILMER Management Board have been concluded.

The discharge of the management committee was approved for the 2015/2016 legislative period.

Uwe Haase from Lübeck was again elected as president.
Anni Bergauer from Ansbach was confirmed again as managing director.
Dieter Schlemmermeier from Hamburg continues to take care of our finances.
Helga and Reinhard Merke from Cologne again made themselves available as auditors and have also been re-elected.
Wolfgang Thomas from Hamburg for the region North and
Werner Scheffknecht from Bludenz for the filmmakers from Austria were re-elected.

The posits of vice-president and the representatives for D-West and D-South are temporarily unfilled.

Peter Klüver is in charge of the press / public relations department.
The participation rate was 59.35%.

A cordial "thank you" goes to the two separate forum leaders of the regions D-West, Fritz Kümmel and D-South, Anton Wallner.

Anni Bergauer - Managing Director