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European Film & Video Makers Circle

SIFA Day Switzerland

By Reto Stocker

Movie Olten was responsible for the organisation of the 2015 SIFA Day.

Rainer Gizzi, the club president of Olten, came up with something special. In the grounds of his company in Gunzgen a barbecue with open-air cinema was set up.

On July 11, 2015 by 5 o’clock in the afternoon the first guests started to arrive. There were members of Movie Olten and SIFA- film clubs.

They looked forward to a reunion with friends and was soon engaged in lively discussions.

What it mainly concerned, is not difficult to guess for the filmmakers.

First, the thirst has been deleted, then also the big barbecue was ready.

Everyone put myself were brought with meat on the hot plate.

It soon became apparent that here expert were at work.

They dominated the grilling as well as any adherence of film rules.

For food you could take your time, because to Demonstrate the films, it was still too bright.

Of course, we did not miss out on a good coffee. After another lively conversation, the guests were officially welcomed by Rainer Gizzi and to Movie Olten by Hansruedi Wiget and me from SIFA- Bureau for the invitation and the opportunity.

Then we went onto the big screen. Members of various clubs had each brought one work. We could be amazed, appraised and amused.

Although the organizers did not plan it, we enjoyed a varied and very good programme. I myself am always surprised by the high quality at which many members of the Swiss Film Clubs work. What also impressed me: the fact that individual annual SlFA days are planned by the organising clubs in very different ways.

Certainly everyone enjoyed a memorable evening. Therefore, once again, many thanks and congratulations for the super organisation to Movie Olten.