Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Zur Jurierung der Filme aus den Foren West und Nord

By Max Rüegg

A challenging task awaited the multinational Euro filmers jury team in Ansbach / D.

After the arrival of the judges from all corners of the globe, the jury-welcome meeting was held after the official welcome by Anni Bergauer and Uwe Haase on Wednesday night.

Known and new authors produced a total of 57 amateur film/video productions with a total running time of almost 12 hours. They had chosen to put their work into the battle for gold, silver and bronze.

In accordance with the timetable the jury program began on Thursday at 9 o’clock. With great enthusiasm all jurors rose to their task true and assessed every single entry to the best of their ability.

On Thursday 29 videos were judged in 4 blocks and on Friday 28 video also in 4 blocks.

After a short break, the final jury meeting took place on Friday evening. Since all judges had made their assessments during the previous video screenings to the best of their knowledge and belief, the assignments for the gold, silver and bronze awards were swiftly approved and with great consistency. There was a particularly good team spirit in a very positive atmosphere. None of the judges "had" to be judging. Each juror was keen to be there and felt an obligation towards the authors, to be relevant and neutral in judging the video productions.

On behalf of all the judges, I thank the Eurofilmer director and organiser, Anni Bergauer, and the operator Horst Peter for trouble-free performances and warm hospitality.

On Saturday morning all the Eurofilmer jury members said their farewells and started their homeward journeys feeling satisfied and pleased with the jury work.

CH-8636 Wald ZH, June 26, 2015 Max Rüegg