Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle


Dear film friends,

this edition provides detailed information about our film festival in Ansbach. We had to leave out the film running list for printing reasons, but that may be beneficial, as you would have to have the booklet and it is not always to hand. The Ansbach Film and Video Club has made every effort to make a real occasion for us visitors. Let's show our appreciation by turning up in large numbers!

A few words about our own concerns: it sometimes happens, that just before compiling an issue of EUROFILMER, we cannot accurately judge whether we have enough interesting items. That leads to last-minute phone calls and requests. If you read our articles, you will notice that some authors have submitted something for publication more frequently than others. We are happy to have our "supporters", on whose cooperation we can rely. But it would be nice if the circle of those who have something to report would be enlarged.

In our articles you will often find, reports of successful events, where socializing is a not insignificant aspect. Membership in our Euro filmmakers should be characterized as involving encounters among friends. This appears as socializing, which is then also reported. That's a good thing.

If we want to raise the visibility of film making more, we need reports, that are written by expert:

What makes a travelogue so unique?

Can a particular approach to a topic be described, and perhaps serve as an inspiration for the film making of others? Are there technical points that are worth reporting? Can faults in the design or in the proposed purchase of equipment be avoided? We would like to publish more articles on these issues, but are dependent on the cooperation of our members!

Our Film Festival offers many opportunities to exchange ideas about the films seen.

Maybe that can result in some thoughts that would be worth sharing with the editor!

With cordial greetings,

Wolfgang Schydlo


Deadline for the next issue: 01/10/2015