Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Greeting from the EAK Chairman

Dear guests, dear Ansbach film enthusiasts, dear Eurofilmers from near and far!

On the 50th anniversary of the Ansbach Film and Video Club, film enthusiasts from all over Europe will arrive in the beautiful Franconian city of Ansbach.

At the same time it is the 36th Festival since the founding of the "Euro filmers".

In August 1965 the Ansbach Film & Video Group was established and this is the second time it has hosted the EURO FILM FESTIVAL. I am sincerely grateful to them.

As in previous years, high-quality documentaries, animation, travel and fiction films will be seen in the culture centre on Karlsplatzen.

Working purely for the love of it, amateur film makers shoot and edit their movies to a very high standard and thus serve as an advertisement for the creative hobby of making movies.

I hope many guests will enjoy the event. So far as the organisation and programme are concerned, I am sure that the club with its highly committed members will, as before, do us proud.

As chairman of the Eurofilmers I will be very pleased to greet you and welcome you to Ansbach. I look forward to enjoyable, sociable, informative and interactive hours and days in Ansbach with guests and film friends.

Best wishes for a super reunion in Ansbach in 2015.


Uwe Haase

President of the EURO FILMER