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Sheltered filming

Seevetal near Hamburg is the home of Horst and Ilka Burmeister. While Ilka lovingly takes care of the garden and enjoys choral singing, her husband Horst is busy with his cameras and with the patience of angels. He claims to be too lazy to carry around big equipment for filming. Nevertheless, he has high standards for picture and sound. He loves to leave even the commercially available camera with the fold-out display at home.

His solution: add a gimble to small action cameras and a long rod as a "camera crane with manual operation", as he jokingly grins to himself. He is constantly experimenting and allows film amateurs to participate in it in an unusual way. For this purpose, he has set up his own You Tube channel to inspire our age group in particular with the many possibilities of using GoPro and the accessories tested by him. So to speak "tutored filming".

Typical Horst Burmeister subtle humour, not to take the amateur filmmaker's world so seriously. With simple words and very understandable examples, which are easily comprehensibl by the predominantly senior range of the " experienced" hobby filmmakers. The viewer is no longer surprised when Horst places a camera or the matching accessories on a letter scale to point out again and again that good technology does not have to be expensive or weighty.

In over 40 films Horst also reports on his experiments also in connection with his editing program Edius 8.5.3, once more with logical examples that can be executed step by step. Again and again Horst finds supplementary programs on the Internet, which he can use in interaction with Edius. For example, a program for aligning converging lines, which are not just created by mini-cameras.

Of course, Horst also uses his knowledge in his films, which he has made with his wife in India, Romania or Oman. Soon there will be a combined cruise and bicycle tour in the Netherlands, where of course the GoPro 4 and now also the Hero 6, with the simple accessories which Horst invented will be used again. It is admirable, the verve, a lot of patience and self-invented, small aids with which Horst Burmeister pursues his hobby: He was born in 1936! It is worth watching his atmospheric film contributions on You Tube: simply enter "Horst Burmeister Video" on the video channel.


Wolfgang Thomas