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Date transfer via WeTransfer

Some of our members already use the service from the Dutch operator Bas Beerens of Amsterdam: the free file transfer of films up to 2 GB in highest video quality in HDTV with 1920 x 1080 pixels. This "file hosting service", which was introduced in 2009, is used to send large files, in our case video files, to one or more recipients with the option of an intermediate storage period of 7 days before downloading to their own PC.

It is not necessary to register with this service. Your own e-mail address as the sender and the e-mail address of the recipient is sufficient to send high-resolution films up to 2 GB free of charge.
Go to the website and follow the clear instructions. The sender can select up to 20 recipients at once and also send a text message. Insert the file name in the field provided for this purpose and then send it. After the transfer is completed, the receiver receives a message from the server stating that a (film) file is available for download from the sender for 7 days. The sender receives a message after the recipient has retrieved the filee. The process is completed without the need to run any application software (app).

WeTransfer also grants special privileges for paying members who need to send data volumes of up to 20 GB (!). The subscription service offers individual e-mail addresses with password protection. The offer is made via the same website. Of course, the question of data protection keeps reappearing. WeTransfer rents entire data centres to store the immense amounts of data, which can be outside Europe.

As with all other cloud providers such as Drop-Box, Google Drive or Highttail, WeTransfer does not guarantee data protection, data security or discretion.

Nevertheless, more and more authors trust this transmission method, and so the organisers of film festivals call on the authors to do without conventional data carriers such as DVD, Blu-ray or sticks and SD-HC cards as far as possible. Shipping and return shipping costs are saved.

Many competition organisers do not return the data carriers to the author, but destroy them after the competition or after copying for archiving. The new EU regulations already seem to be taking effect here. The EAK also offers the possibility to send films to the forum organiser via WeTransfer on the film registration form. The film registration form is regularly adapted to the new technical standards under "Downloads" on In our highly technical film world, things are moving at a rapid pace.


Wolfgang Thomas