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Reports from the forums

EURO-FILMFORUM 2018 for Germany-South/Austria and Slovenia on 14 April 2018 in Augsburg

It was nicer....yes, this year's Euro-Filmforum for the region D-South/Austria could be included. Altogether 33 films had been announced after Augsburg to our hostess, Helga Aegerter from the video club Augsburg. We were able to hand over some films from Forum West (the authors sat on the jury) to Forum Nord, leaving 29 videos for screening. Almost 6 hours of pure presentation time!

Helga and her helpers from the VCA organised a successful forum. Perfect technology, super beautiful movies, relaxed and cosy atmosphere. A fully staffed restaurant with delicious food and the best of all: many authors were present.

Reinhard Fritz and Werner Scheffknecht from Austria, Toni Wallner, Manuela Waltl and I from Germany sat on the jury. We had the difficult task of evaluating the films submitted.

Now to the films. We were very surprised by the large number of videos submitted. We judges unanimously stated that our authors are delivering ever better films. We haven't had to rate so many excellent videos in a long time. That's why it didn't surprise us that we could hand out 7 gold medals at this year's Forum. Really all excellent movies. We all enjoyed the film by Ruth Summer and Wolfgang Tschallener from Austria with the title: "Schräge Vögel als Filmmacher". What these young people took upon themselves to make their video was sensational and absolutely perfect. No effort was too much for them. They weren't even afraid to torch their car for their film. But I don't want to tell you too much, this video made us all laugh very much.

Names such as Breiter, Scholz, Lauter etc. to name just a few simply stand for quality. It is repeatedly claimed that documentaries have a harder time than fiction films. We could not agree. Heinz Werner Breiter showed his perfect and startling documentary "Der ewige Kampf" about the Italian river Po, where, like Frank Lauter in his film "Braunsbach - Leben nach der Flut" about the devastating floods, he also skilfully used Quatrocopter recordings. Not too many, but they are used precisely. Yes, our authors master their technique. Just like Georg Merz in his declaration of love to Augsburg "Abr d`Pilz war scho oh schee". Well, to the film by Harald Scholz "Worst Of Making Of", in which he shows us how intensively he prepares his great films, I can only say that his works speak for themselves.

I was also particularly impressed by one film. "Reni" by Josef Pettinger. A film about a handicapped young woman, which became more and more intense by the minute. A great performer who took us into her difficult life without tears and showed us how she mastered her disability.

We were unable to identify any particular trend in films. From fiction films, nature films, travel films to animated films, all categories were represented. Our filmmakers will continue to bring to the screen what they like about topics and what they are interested in or enjoy. This is also the advantage we amateurs have, we are free in the choice of topics and do not usually have to adhere to specifications. If the film is well received by the jury and the audience, the author is sure to win a medal. No, no author needs to hide away. Even if not every author could get a gold medal. Of 29 videos, 22 films from this year's Eurofilmfestival 2018 in Bludenz/Austria were entered, all films that can be seen and enjoyed.

Bravo! Helga, a big THANKS to you and your helpers! You should be proud of yourselves. You gave us a very successful forum!


Anni Bergauer