Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Reports from the forums

Organisation of the Eurofilm Forum West by RoKa Wirtz

The Eurofilmer Forum West 2018 film festival is over. I am very pleased with the work of the forum and look forward to seeing many of those present in Bludenz/Austria again.

Important Point 1
It is essential that films be shown in a cinema. There are several reasons for this. Each of us filmmakers feels ennobled when our film is shown in a cinema alongside the usual cinema programme. It is very special when the cinema advertising of amateur films hangs next to that of the great cinema of the pros. The motivation to come to the performance as an author and then enjoy it is close to the 100 % mark. But there are also very practical reasons for me as the organiser. The projection and sound of the films are top-notch, no equipment needs to be transported and set up, the cinema staff handle the show, the cinema staff serve drinks during the breaks. For lunch we went to the restaurant around the corner. So, there is no work to be done by our own people.

Important point 2
Have a special advertising slogan. I won't say anything new when I write here: We, the filmmakers, are all in our 65-90s. We are seniors, and as such we make films. All EAK members know that our future prospects - as an association - are quite problematic. Especially because we are very old. It is important to develop visions for the association. I know that some have thought about this. But it will be a while before the Eurofilmers have established stable foundations for the future. Therefore, a "life-prolonging measure" may be helpful if we make necessity a virtue. Perhaps my slogan of 2018 will be supportive in the future: "Films by seniors for seniors”.

Since my idea had startled my club colleagues in Aachen, I was initially unsure. I therefore decided to promote Forum 2018 in two ways.

Approach 1: The cinema poster and the cinema programme were classically designed. Not a word about seniors. The cinema poster was displayed in the cinema for 3 weeks and was also promoted via the Internet and on the cinema's Facebook page.

Approach 2: An invitation letter specifically addressed to the target group of senior citizens was printed. It was prepared in a similar way to the film programme, but it was just there: "Films by seniors for seniors".

A logo of the senior citizen work of the Düren district, demonstrated the special support of the district for the topic. So that wheelchair users were not disappointed, the reference was to the fact that there was no disability access. It was also noted that the event could not be open until the afternoon.
Of course, entrance was free and I asked for registration. I received funding for this event necause I filmed the senior citizens' work for the district of Düren and therefore have a good reputation there, as well as having given our Eurofilmer event the "Slogan 2018: Films by Senior Citizens for Senior Citizens".

Authors: 17 (of 19 authors) present Companions/Film

makers/helpers: 26 Friends of the Wirtz group: 17 Cinema advertising: 3 Personal contacts. seniors: 46 Total 109 persons who were not permanently but mostly present in the afternoon until evening. It is in the nature of things that my slogan is only partially sustainable. How long it can last is up to us. The fact that the number of 46 people from personal advertising was so high is due in particular to the committed work of Monika Sandjon from the district of Düren. She was also present from the afternoon and obviously enjoyed our event. It can therefore be helpful for the organisers of such events to obtain municipal support.

The conclusion
All our seniors present had fun and went home happy and satisfied. Make a note: The seniors' filmmakers and the seniors' viewers.


RoKa Wirtz