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Competition at Forum Nord: A miss is as good as a mile ...

A potential new member, a first-timer at the EAK competition in the Ammersbek, was asked about his impressions in a relaxed private conversation and was surprised that mainly documentaries had been shown.

The small number of different genres is well known and can be seen even more clearly in the BDFA, where there are four federal festivals for "Documentaries”, one competition for "Nature" (often also documentaries) and only one event for "Fiction".

There are certainly deeper reasons for this predominance, but it was not the case in Ammersbek that one could say scornfully that the films were similar in essence and the audience did not expect anything else.

On the contrary, many viewers expressed themselves extremely firmly during the "interview" in the longer breaks, but also spontaneously at dinner, taking into account a wide variety of subjective criteria. This range of opinion could not be seen after the medal table was published: There were 2x gold, 3x bronze and 14x silver in 19 films. Silver as the "main currency" meant that rather weak films were "upgraded" and much better films were "downgraded" to the point of misjudgement.

There was no concern about missing artistically creative elements, nor concerns about the relative quality of performance.

Forum West and Forum South/Austria, on the other hand, demonstrated that it is still possible to award praise to various works including bronze winners.

After all, it is only by taking all facets into account that one can maintain the range of awards, avoid levelling and the devaluation of precious medals.

Besides, I'm sure we all want Bludenz to be like Harsefeld at the EURO Film Festival: "An event with top amateur films. We don't have to hide."


Dieter Prill