Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle


Dear Mrs. Bergauer,
if something is bad, people naturally grumble about it and it is self-evident that no comments is made when everything was wonderful.
I do not want to be like that and want to give you great praise. The event in Ansbach was excellently organised, carried out professionally and in a warm-hearted way. For that you have our heartfelt thanks.

The food was delicious and plentiful and the prizes this time very attractively designed and not just cheap plastic cups, as is so often the case in non-commercial film festivals.
So all-around a success and we are glad to have spent this evening with the Eurofilmers who were there.
Thanks and best regards from Schwäbisch Hall

Frank Lauter

Dear Anni,
I would like to say thank you to you and your team for the nice time in Ansbach. It was a successful film festival.
All best wishes (from Frieder too) Irmlind

Dear Anni,
on my return from Ansbach I gave a report to the members present in my film club, about the Euro Film FestivaI.

I told them about professional technical presentation - super organisation - about a beautiful venue (Orangerie) about the fantastic closing ceremony - with great food and very nice prizes (glass cups).

Now, in the telling, I realised once more what a wonderful celebration it was!
I want to convey to the Ansbach Film Club, and especially to you Anni, heartfelt thanks for hosting this lovely film festival. For me and my wife they were very, very nice times in Ansbach.

Erwin and Traude Sprenger
Gablitz Amateur Film Club Gablitz – Lower Austria / VÖFA

Dear Anni, dear Ansbach film friends,
It simply could not be done better. We felt at home with you. It was a great event, thoughtfully organised and with much loving attention.
Thank you for everything

Toni and Manuela

Dear Anni,

This is the second time I have been to a Euro Film Festival in Ansbach - and again it was a wonderful celebration. On 7th October 2015, from 6pm there was a gathering of film makers and guests in the cozy "Bürger Palais". Those participants who had arrived by then enjoyed the savoury delights of the region along with spirited and stimulating conversations until late in the evening. Some had not seen each other for a year.

Then the reception on 8th October at 9am in Anglet Hall on Karls-Platz. We were greeted with touching warmth and given a lovely "piñata" with little snacks. The welcome by the organiser, Anni Bergauer, began the festival. Anni and her team looked after us throughout the time most charmingly!

The next day held a very special highlight for us: a bus trip to Rotenburg ob der Tauber was on the agenda.
For me it was the fourth visit to this medieval town. A costumed tour guide brought the city to life for us in an original manner with proverbs and sayings, based on urban features.

An agricultural museum marked the end of "educational route". In a quaint country inn regional dishes were served once again. Our spirits rose and rose!

And now came the next evening the grand gala with the award ceremony in the Grünen Saal of the Orangerie in the Hofgarten. Again, the organisers had, thought of dance performances just as they did eight years ago.
We enjoyed it!
Not to forget about the many good and very good films that I've seen. But about those others can and have reported.

Thank you to the organisers of the Ansbach film club and thanks to Anni Bergauer for the interesting and wonderful days in Ansbach!

Antje Klüver