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25 years of the Riehen Video Film Club (VFR)

On September 19th, the Riehen Video Club celebrated its 25th birthday with an excursion to Zell im Wiesental.

200 years ago in Wiesental "Schpinnsch" (Swiss-German “crazy” or “lying”) was not an insult, but an activity. In the best of times about 20,000 people in the Basel and Todtnau area were employed in spinning, weaving, bleaching and the associated crafts.

During a visit to the Wiesental Textile Museum in Zell, the Riehen filmmakers guild was told about the history, but also the technical development of the textile industry in Wiesental. What is unusual is that all the looms and machines on exhibition are, thanks to careful maintenance, fully functional even today. During the tour some of them were demonstrated to us. From high-quality Egyptian cotton, yarn was twisted, spun, treated with coatings to improve the tensile strength and finally processed with ever more powerful looms into artfully woven fabrics. The fact that the Wiesental textile industry barely exists today, is because of the shift of this trade to the low-wage Asian countries.

For the VFR family this look back in time in the museum was an ideal opportunity to look back themselves at the development of the association and the celebration of amateur filming. During the subsequent lunch at the Löwen restaurant there was ample opportunity to exchange memories of shared film making experiences. And the founding member and returning VFR President, Martin Stumpf, also recorded this dignified occasion in picture and sound with his video camera. A big thank you to Peter Knöri, the organizer of this trip. (WF)

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