Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Movie Making / Film Judging

A seminar by Peter Klüver

Wolfgang Thomas, the regional representative of the Eurofilmers in the Northern Forum, issued invitations and 15 filmmaking authors gathered at the venue in Pferdestall (the old Stables) in Ammersbek. Pictures and sound were provided thanks to the help of Heino Schenck and Georg Brand. Seminar drinks and documents were available on the tables strewn with participant badges. Dimmed light in the hall allowed a clear picture on the big screen. Attentive and good-humoured participants looked eagerly forward to the meeting.

Punctually at 10:00 clock Peter Klüver introduced himself, he is of course known to almost everyone. The first step is the theory: "The main components of film production and their relevance for the evaluation of films."

We could readily understand the Eurofilmer evaluation sheets, after making the jurors nonverbal assessment.  Whether it concerned artistic areas, how the ideas were implemented, drama and film structure, picture composition, sound and text formatting as well as the editing or unusual design element, or whether the craft possibilities of research, the camera work or audio editing needed more attention; these ratings points  are equally important for filmmakers and jurors and were discussed in detail.

With "Top or Flop" Peter Klüver offered a variety of film examples, which we examined from the viewpoint of the individual design and evaluation categories and were reckoned more or less successful.

After lunch, we looked at three films from different genres. Each example was analysed and discussed according to the criteria of the evaluation sheets. Of course, different opinions arose, which led to discussions. Here Peter was quite confident, and did not want to conceal his former profession.

After a coffee break the going got tough. Now the participants had to judge three more films independently and without support from their teacher. Of course, the participants had to get used to the scoring. This was achieved quite swiftly and the common denominator was found quite quickly

That this type of training for authors and jurors alike is fruitful was confirmed by the filmmakers involved, who asked for further dates. At 17:30 the seminar finished, the movie fans, the organisers and Peter Klüver were satisfied.

There you are, that’s how it was…

Wolfgang Thomas