Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Thanks to the organising committee of the EUROFILM-FESTIVAL 2016 in Ahrensburg.

The compliments of the guests confirms their view that the Eurofilm Festival 2016 in Ahrensburg, just outside the gates of Hamburg, was a completely successful event and it is also an endorsement that the whole organization has paid off.

We would love to return was the unanimous opinion of the authors and guests. The hospitality was great they said at the farewell. Thank you, we felt at home.

Congratulations to the organising committee, which was well organized in all matters and thus contributed to a family event. True to the slogan: "One meets Friends" little printed bags of sweets were presented to guests.

The Eurofilm Festival, coupled with a very nice hotel, equipped with an excellent cuisine, and a well-decorated room in which an outstanding projection system was installed is the impression, which will long remain with participants as a positive memory.

Once again, creative and talented authors satisfied us with their wealth of ideas and thus, as in previous years, contributed to a successful film event. For this, my sincere thanks. What was evident was the degree of consensus between audience and jury. This is a sign that we are on the right track.

One highlight was the bus trip through the Hanseatic City of Hamburg with a very local tourist guide. The high point, however, was the boat trip on the Elbe and the port of Hamburg.

The “Pötte”, as Hamburger use to call the huge ships, were most impressive, even for the locals. Geared and ungeared containerships were loaded and unloaded with the help of cargo cranes. It was an astonishing feeling, navigating alongside these huge containerships. The thought that such a ship is traveling all over the world and does not go down will make you sink in awe.

The festival was rounded off by the gala evening and the award ceremony. A tasty cold and hot buffet contributed to atmospheric award ceremony.

Sadly and all-too-soon this is now over. There remains only the hope for the next festival in 2017, where we can meet again in the circle of like-minded friends.

Your  President

Uwe Haase