Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

„A Family Gathering“ of a high standard

It was enjoyable at this year's Eurofilm Festival in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Our North German film friends matched with high professionalism a completely successful and top-quality film festival in an impressive ambience. A very warm thank you to the 11-strong organising committee around Wolfgang Thomas.

I specially liked the moderation by Peter Klüver. Targetted in the right light by the spotlight, Peter welcomed the numerous established authors and guests. He approached the films sensitively, recognised the successes of the individual filmmakers and interesting styles of the authors.

For me the many-sided encounters, good conversations and the friendly co-operation at the film festivals are always like a family meeting. I hope and wish Eurofilmer that we will be able to continue many such meetings in the future.

Anni Bergauer