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European Film & Video Makers Circle

The Ahrensburg Cheerleaders

The cheerleader effect means that women in a group are even more attractive than when they are seen individually. Small physiological irregularities of any single person are balanced by the group, so scientific investigations have proved.

So far as Ahrensburg is concerned, these irregularities could not be ascertained with the naked eye, because the female welcoming team excelled with immaculate freshness, invincible cheerfulness and charming competence. The organization committee deliberately appointed three absolutely likeable personalities to the cheerleader group: Ilka Burmeister, Antje Klüver and Pamela Schlemmermeier, who contributed to the success of this year's festival.

The way arriving guests are welcomed has a lasting effect on the good feelings at the start of the day and the following day. And so it was. The ladies created a wonderful atmosphere, there was much laughter and they even presented German poems in chorus before the enthusiastic Swiss film friends.

Despite the ease they always remained professional. A well-known Austrian film festival organizer did not succeed in upsetting the cheerleader's ballet. He had brought hard liquor from the Alps and he tried to give it to the team in small glasses produced from his pocket. This had only moderate success, only increasing the mood - nothing else.

So all that remains at the end to is say a big thank you and hope that at some point, once again an opportunity offers the cheerleaders from Ahrensburg can be brought on stage.

Peter Klüver