Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

The Wonderful Film Festival at Hamburg/Ahrensburg

47 films displayed creativity and a high level of cinematic skills.

A summary of the Eurofilm Festival 2016 in Hamburg / Ahrensburg should start with this sentence: It needs men like Wolfgang Thomas and his excellent organising committee, to prepare over many months so carefully and comprehensively, that a happy, superb and friendly international meeting for film makers resulted. Therefore, we owe them a warm vote of thanks.

In the Park-Hotel in the town of Ahrensburg near Hamburg, the European Film Circle (EAK) presented 47 films on the last weekend of September. Authors from Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Slovenia and Germany submitted work.  EAK President, Uwe Haase from Lübeck, in his brief welcome speech, expressed delighted that this event was successful and that so many filmmakers had accepted the invitation to Hamburg.

On Friday from 9 am until after 7 pm in the evening 32 films were on screen, the remaining 15 were shown on Saturday. There was a lot of applause from around 80 spectators for consistently good and even excellent films. The five-person international jury, headed by Switzerland's Hans Rudolf Wieget, had already evaluated all the films submitted weeks before, awarding three gold medals to the following filmmakers: Heinz-Werner Breiter (Switzerland) for "The Last Garden", Frank Lauter (Germany) For "A village is Brown" and to Markus Beerli (Switzerland) for "Hautnah". In addition, 14 silver medals and 7 bronze medals were awarded. It should be noted that this time there were no actual medals, but folding cards, which presented some striking Hamburg sights - the Michaeliskirche, the new Elbphilharmonie concert hall and a three-masted sailing ship.

During the festive gala evening in the Park Hotel, Wolfgang Thomas and Anni Bergauer handed over the prizes, and then came the savoury buffet, where we were spoiled for choice.

EAK President Uwe Haase in his closing speech praised the diverse creativity of the filmmakers and their high-quality work, but then also took the opportunity to deal with the long-term downturn in membership and the lack of interest among young people in the type of films we make in the EAK. "It is the Internet that gives young people the opportunity to quickly implement their ideas and creativity," said Haase. “In addition, they refused to engage with a jury who judge their films according to predetermined criteria.” He appealed to members to continue to promote films nevertheless.

Finally, Uwe Haase also called for members to be more objective and fair in their criticism of one another, he asked for more objectivity, more confidence and more thoughtfulness. Insinuations, half-truths and insults were not conducive to the work of the EAK, Haase said in conclusion.

Max Conradt