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You should have seen it ...

As you sit in the evening before the televison and click between stations you only find crime films or murder stories, horrible! So you zap one more time and there is a familiar face with a large film camera and a magnificent tripod. He wanders through his small town and is shooting a movie as well as a busy director.

Then he is seen in the village church during a Sunday service. Since the same day there will be a village festival, he is also rapidly moving and covering it all cinematically. And not only that, on this occasion he makes a speech to his village neighbours and even films a marching band.

Since he has been filming for many years, he shows, to the great surprise of all, many of his old black-and-white films in his own cinema!

I have to say that this meeting with Fritz Kümmel in the Südwestrundfunk television channel on 6th of November at 8 pm, (in the best broadcasting time-slot) not only surprised but also pleased me. It shows, that non-professionals can attract the attention of the television companies.

Fritz Kümmel, congratulations on this brilliant TV appearance.

Ruth M.König