Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Preparation for the election of the regional commissioner in Forum North.

I, Wolfgang Thomas, born on 21.05.1947 in Hamburg, would like to continue this honorary office in the EAK as I have been in the last 2 electoral periods. The social character of the competitions in the Pferdestall has proved itself successful as well as the meetings with authors in the three cinemas belonging to Gerhard Plambeck, Gerhard Jagow and Georg Brand. The Matinees in May in the Moorkino as well as in the Pferdestall in October are very popular, the Eurofilm Festival in Ahrensburg, in place of the matinee this year, has been much praised.

Now it is important not to rest but to take on new challenges. These are further visits to film / video clubs to discuss with you the changed way of handling the jury system. The offer for the training of jurors in the EAK system will not be forgotten. The finding of new venues in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Schleswig Holstein for Matinees or even meetings with authors is an additional challenge that I would like to accept in the medium term. There are also 1-2 seminars with lecturers from our own ranks per year. Support me with your vote so we can continue in Forum North to hold an annual competition and many other social gatherings within our hobbies. Please take note of the article: "The times they are a-changing…".

Wolfgang Thomas