Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Notice calling the 2017-2018 General Meeting

Voting procedures:

The Executive Board of the EAK hereby calls on all members to attend the Ordinary General Meeting.

The vote on the ballot enclosed in this issue of EUROFILMER shall be done as follows:

Each individual member and each club member votes in the election of the regional commissioner only for the candidate in his region. This is so that the regional commissioner is elected only by the individual members and club members for which he is active.

However, the president, vice president, managing director, treasurer, press / public relations officer and auditor are elected by all members.

Each club chairman receives with the EUROFILMER as many ballots and envelopes as he has registered for the year 2016. A list of his registered members is attached to the ballot. To save postage costs the club leaders can send the ballots signed by the club members, in a sealed envelope, to the managing director.

The voting forms shall be returned within 6 weeks of the date of delivery to the main office. All voting forms must be received by the Managing Director Anni Bergauer, Sommerau 9, D-91522 Ansbach, no later than February 5, 2017. If the office has not received a ballot paper before this time or the time limit is exceeded, this counts as an abstention. If less than half of the members cast their votes, we use a simple majority of the votes cast. It should be regarded as a duty by every member to make use of his right to vote.

Since only one candidate has been registered after the call for candidates in the EUROFILMER issue 39, Spring / Summer 2016, one cannot speak of a real choice in this new election period.

We also hope this time for broad acceptance and willingness to participate actively.

Uwe Haase