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The Euro-Film Festival 2016 in Ahrensburg near Hamburg

a preview from Wolfgang Thomas

To organise an international amateur film festival in Hamburg is, I admit, a huge ambition. It quickly became clear to me that I could not cope with it alone, so in 2015 we established a team of 11 experts. The first task was to find a suitable venue. The requirements were clear:
a hall that could be totally blacked-out and hold around 120 people;
accommodation for foreign guests; nearby flexible catering; a foyer for social gatherings between films and facilities for a festival banquet on the final evening. All this, of course, to be at fair and tolerable prices.

18 months before the festival part of the team took on the task of finding suitable places. Hamburg has many, no, a great many hotels und seminar facilities. But we soon realised that our demands could not be met or the options were extremely expensive, for example, a double room for 180.- Euros per night plus breakfast at 19.50 per person.  A double room that costs about 130.- Euros and is not acceptable. Every hotel offers an all-inclusive rate with full board, provided that the organiser books conference rooms or hotel rooms. We concluded that for our film enthusiasts to pay the Hamburg prices was simply not right for this event. In a major city there is no chance of sponsors for our events.  Savings banks, cultural organisations and private sponsors concentrate on large international projects.

Of course as the organisers we wanted to keep the focus on Hamburg, so we concentrated on the surrounding areas.  There you also have opportunities to exercise our film making hobby. However there is often not a suitable hotel nearby, or the restaurants lack sufficient capacity or the venues cannot be blacked-out.
There was always something inappropriate or unavailable until we found the Park Hotel Ahrensburg.
At first we thought it was a bit too classy and would certainly be too expensive. To our surprise, we got a good deal, that pretty much matched our requirements. There is a hall available, which can be completely blacked-out, even though it has a large window. This hall is great for the Gala, the festival’s social side is supported by an excellent cuisine and sophisticated decor. A foyer in front of the hall, complete with a bar and many groups of seats, lends itself to interesting meetings and probably to late nights. The connected restaurant can cater for our guests over the whole event. And it is not all bad for day guests: Here too there will be a daily rate for every guest who wants to attend the event, covering catering and the use of space at a fair price. So we were able to negotiate the following prices:

Double room per night                                                      90,00 Euro
Single room per night                                                       70,00 Euro
Breakfast per person                                                        14,50 Euro

 The first day, 23. September 2016
The daily rate for hotel guests includes:
1 morning coffee / tea break with fruit in the foyer
1 midday meal in the restaurant
1 afternoon coffee / tea break with biscuits in the foyer
1 evening meal in the restaurant
   Unlimited mineral water and apfelschorle in the room.
   Total cost of the day’s board:                                        59,50 Euro

The daily rate for day visitors
 Per person without the optional evening meal               39,00 Euro
 Per person if they book the evening meal                      59,50 Euro

 The second day, 24. September 2016
The daily rate for everyone includes:
1 morning coffee / tea break with fruit in the foyer
1 midday meal in the restaurant
   Total price                                                                     34,00 Euro

Conditional offer by the organisers
City tour in a red double-decker bus including a guide and a harbour tour on a launch, lasting 5 ½ hours
Minimum number needed:   50 people
Maximum number possible: 60 people   
                                                                                                        per person 36,00 Euro

The Evening Gala, prize giving and a first class buffet                   per person 45,00 Euro

Drinks during the meals or at the bar at your own expense.

Two more offers from the organisers:
If hotel guests, who land at Hamburg airport send us their arrival and departure flight numbers, we can organise a free shuttle service to and from the hotel.

Guests who would like to stay in Hamburg on Sunday 25th or Monday 26th, can have individual, private excursions arranged by the hosts. We enjoy making such private contacts.

Come to Hamburg; our friendly team will welcome you as friends and will celebrate our successful film makers in the

Lübecker Straße 10a
22926 Ahrensburg
bei Hamburg

Reservations and bookings are essential for both hotel – and day visitors.

Wolfgang Thomas
Forum Nord
Mühlenbrook 29
22397 Hamburg
Tel: 0049 ( 0 ) 40 / 605 615 90
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have reserved a block of rooms in the PARK HOTEL until 8th August 2016

Guests who try to make reservations after that run the risk of not getting a room in the hotel.

The cost of the daily rates and gala evening, as well as the city tour must be paid in advance by 30th. August 2016 to this account:

Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e.V.
Sparkasse Heidelberg
IBAN: DE 84 6725 0020 0025 0270 19


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