Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

A Lively forum in "Pferdestall"

Although in Hamburg the main event was the annual celebration of the harbour’s birthday, our even organisers could not complain about a shortage of visitors. 60 film makers and film enthusiasts mingled, watched and listened more or less amazed by the film entries in this year’s competition seen on the huge screen. During most presentations you could have heard the legendary pin drop.

The main role in the programme was not taken by travel films, it was a well-balanced mix of documentaries, fiction films and reportage. The longer films were impressive: 8 out of 14 films had a minimum running time of 15 minutes. Only 5 films had a running time of less than 10 minutes and 5 films took advantage of the maximum running time of 20 minutes.

We certainly had not expected 3 fiction films from the north, though the three contributions from Norway helped. The audience agreed with the choices of the jury, which had met in Georg Brand's home cinema 14 days before the event:
The two first places went to Dieter Prill (Where I live) and Max Conradt (Do you know Brahms?) These were reaffirmed by the spectators who gave them the public choice prizes.

The third gold medal went to Norway:
Hilde Falkanger from the Bergen Frititsfilmere club, who can be proud of their film "Amor Librorum".

At the Euro-Filmfestival from 5 to 7 October in Harsefeld, we will have 9 films from Forum Nord.

We are grateful to all the film makers whose entries first made the event possible, so that film enthusiasts can meet at the forums and finally at the Euro-Filmfestival, and we look forward to success in friendly competition  with other European film makers.

Wolfgang Thomas

Wolfgang Thomas

Invitation to the competition in the Forum North

Welcome on Saturday, 6 May at 10am to our venue in 22949 Ammersbek in "Pferdestall" Am Gutshof 1 and to the Eurofilmers competition.

A good coffee, a cold beer, a small lunch and a nice piece of cake in cozy surroundings.
Meet friends and watch movies.

Please submit your film contributions to the regional commissioner by 10th  April 2017
Wolfgang Thomas
Mühlenbrook 29
22397 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: 040/605 615 90
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guest entries are welcome.
Entry fee of 15.- Euro please transfer to the account:
Hamburger Filmclub e.V.
Postbank Hamburg
IBAN: DE 63 2001 0020 0119 8322 05

Please note the Eurofilm guidelines for the EURO-Filmforum / SIFA Festival (qualification level) and the Eurofilm Festival as supplement to the 1st issue of the EUROFILMER magazine 2016 or ask the regional commissioner or contact the management on

The jury will meet on 22 April in Gebra-Cinema in Hamburg
Check it out at:

Eurofilmer – Matinee

On  29th May 2016 at 16:00 as guests in the „Cultimo“ Niedersachsen, 27442 Kuhstedtermoor 24 (near Gnarrenburg)
Admission and refreshments from 15:00

Ticket reservations are required. Contact Tel: 94763 / 628183
Or by Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meeting of Film Makers

Thursday 19th May 2016 at 15:00

In the Gebra-Cinema of Georg Brand
Rönkkoppel 32
22159 Hamburg
For registration and reservations contact Wolfgang Thomas, Tel: 040 / 605 615 90
Or by Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Invitation to a competition of Amateur Films

On 23rd April 2016 at 10:00 in 22949 Ammersbeck, Am Gutshof 1

The Eurofilmers of Forum North meet with international friends of amateur film in a relaxed atmosphere in „Pferdestall“

Light refreshments available.

„Last Call“
Please send films and the entry fee of 15.- Euro by Monday, the 21st March 2016 by post to the regional representative Wolfgang Thomas, Mühlenbrook 29, 22397 Hamburg. Tel: 040 / 605 615 90

Under the leadership of Peter Klüver The jury meets on 9th April 2016.
Voting jurors: Erika Windeler, Uwe Haase, Horst Pöhlmann, Heiko Görner und Dr. Horst Hufnagel
Regulations for the event and the film entries at:
and as a supplement in the December 2015 issue of "The Euro filmmakers".

Awards of the Euro-Filmforum Germany North 2015


Autor Titel Rang Festival
Anton Wallner Das Tor zum Nirgendwo gold ja
Max Conradt Dien Weisen erfreuen sich am Wasser silber ja
Team Filmclub Gera-Pforten
und Denny Schönemann
Keine Schlager im Radio, Die Abrechnung Teil 1 silber ja
Kurt Grundler Ein besonderer Park bronce ja
Dr. Horst Hufnagel Wo einst mein Traum von freiheit zerplatzte bronce ja
Gerhard Jagow Der Stuhlmannbrunnen bronce ja
Peter Schwalm Kleiner Einblick in die hohe afrikanische Kunst bronce ja
Thomas Tiefelsdorf Hammonias Töchter bronce ja
Uwe Ortgies Fährmann Hol über Prädikat nein
Ingo Poggensee Kontraste Prädikat nein

Gold and silver results in order of ranking. Bronze in alphabetical order of film makers.

Meeting of Film Makers in Hamburg

on June 26, 2015 at 3pm
in the  „GeBra“ Kino, by Georg Brand, Rönkkoppel 32, 22159 Hamburg

All amateur film makers who want to show their work to film colleagues are invited. We want films which have not yet had a competition screening, or which could not be shown because, for example, the film maker did not want to show it to a jury or because his film is too long for a competition. The film maker will have enough time to talk about the style and the circumstances in which his production was made. He alone decides whether he will get a critique or just wants to feel the reaction of the audience.

Discussion and the exchange of views of film makers is at the heart of the event.
Registration with the area representative is required because of the limited number of seats:
Wolfgang Thomas, Mühlenbrook 29, 22397 Hamburg, Tel: 040/605 615 90, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Film Matinee in Moorkino "Cultimo"

The Eurofilmers will be guests at Kuhstedtermoor.

For the third time Europe’s Short Film Specialists will screen films in the "Cultimo", the cultural institution in Kuhstedtermoor. We expect that once again the award-winning films from all categories will be shown before a packed house. Wolfgang Thomas, the area representative of Eurofilmers, will present and moderate the matinee.

Breathtaking scenery, adventurous experiences in Russia, mysterious events in Switzerland and fascinating wildlife viewing await our visitors to the Cultimo matinee. And finally, as a treat, an astounding dumb donkey with an amazingly intelligent idea in the fight against flies.
The short films cover a cross-section of the full range of issues from our film makers. These are movies, as we used to see them in the past showing as cultural films before the main films in the cinema.

We start at 4pm on May 31 at 16:00 clock with an entrance charge of 7.50 euros. Insiders naturally realise that an hour before that, coffee and cake are offered during stimulating discussions between guests and organizers already there.

Since for each guest a place will be reserved by name, registration is essential!
Please call: 04761/921418 or reserve your place through the Internet on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
„Cultimo“  Kuhstedtermoor 24 in 27442 Kuhstedtermoor

Jurors Course

Jurors course on March 27, 2015
at the home of our film friends Ilka and Horst Burmeister, Steineck 16 in 21218 Seevetal
Starts at 10:00 clock and runs until 17:00 clock

Anyone who thinks a jury seminar is only of interest to future judges, is much mistaken. Using film examples, Peter Klüver points out to participating film makers, which criteria are lacking in the movies, or where something is particularly well done. All feedback scores from our jury sheets are discussed with examples and practiced.

Knowing how to please the audience in a film is equally important for jurors and film makers.
Lunch and drinks are prepared in advance in return for a donation.

Please register with the area Officer Wolfgang Thomas, Tel: 040/605 615 90, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Invitation to Forum North

Invitation to all film makers in the Forum North Area:

Forum Nord  
on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 10:30 clock
in 22949 Ammersbek near Hamburg, Am Gutshof 1 im "Pferdestall”
Closing date for entries: 30. March 2015
Please send films and entry forms to: Dieter Schlemmermeier, Quadenstieg 7, 22453 Hamburg
Tel. 040/555 99 054, mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The entry fee is (15 Euro) plus perhaps (5 Euro postage) for Eurofilmer members.
Please pay to:
Kontoinhaber: Hamburger Filmclub e.V.
Keyword: Euroforum 2015
Postbank Hamburg, Kto-Nr.: 119 832 205, BLZ: 200 100 20

Contact: Wolfgang Thomas, Mühlenbrook 29, 22397 Hamburg, Tel. 040 605661590
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Film maker meeting in Hamburg

Film maker meeting in the home cinema of
Gerhard Jagow in 22179 Hamburg, Haldesdofer Str. 74,
on Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 15.00.
Film makers of the Northern Region can show movies without a time limit and present them for discussion.

Admission free. Registration – because of limited places this is absolutely necessary.
Wolfgang Thomas, Länderbeauftragter Nord, Mühlenbrook 29, 22397 Hamburg,
Telefon: 040 – 605661590

Invitation to a film makers meeting with Harald Scholz of Vienna

"A ONE-MAN MOVIE" - from the idea to the performance!
Green screen, image splitting and acting to perfection.

on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 14.00 in
22949 Ammersbek near Hamburg, Am Gutshof 1 im "Pferdestall"
Members of the Eurofilmers will enjoy free admission. Guests contribute 5 euros to the costs.
A Eurofilmer event: Wolfgang Thomas, Länderbeauftragter Nord, Mühlenbrook 29,
22397 Hamburg, Tel. 040 - 605661590