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Forum Germany South and Austria

Report from the Forum D-South and Austria on 18 April 2015 Tiefenbach near Passau
by Anni Bergauer

Film makers from South Germany, Austria and Slovenia had submitted their films, a total of 224 minutes of screen time for 21 videos. So there was enough time for interesting discussions with film makers and guests. Toni Wallner, this year's host, presented to the film makers who came with their videos a small personal gift.

I am always amazed by the great variety and by what different topics individual filmmakers tackle. From a one minute funny cartoon to the impressive 23 minute documentary about helping people to help themselves allowing women in developing countries to earn a living. There were once again so many different films shown.

The humorous twelve minute animated film Programmer Bill fascinated not only the jury but also the audience with its realistic presentation of profiteering and making a fast buck in these hectic times. Any similarities to living people are absolutely deliberate and realistic.

The ability to shoot good movies has nothing to do with age, as the young people from the Rieden Primary School Video Group demonstrated. The 10-year-old film makers in their 11-minute video humorously showed the differences between boys and girls. Great ideas and implemented really skilfully. Respect! Not for nothing, this film was unanimously rated by the five-member jury as the best film in the Forum South / Austria.

The jury was: Werner Scheffknecht and Rudi Sorgan from Austria. Manuela Waltl and Toni Wallner and Anni Bergauer as jury president, from Germany. The level of the films was very high again this year. This was also reflected once more in the prizes. Three gold, ten silver and eight bronze medals. Out of 21 films, 16 were sent on to the Euro Filmfestival in Ansbach. I cannot mention all the good and very good silver films, there is simply not enough space. I can only appeal to all those interested to come to Euro Filmfestival in Ansbach, because there you can see many interesting movies.

During the lunch break Toni Wallner and Anni Bergauer were interviewed by Manfred Pilsz / Austria. A private Austrian broadcaster wanted information about the Eurofilmer and especially about the ongoing Euro filmmakers forum. The report will be transmitted in the next few days. We hope that we have made good publicity for our association.

After the final meeting of the jury, the film makers present were very curious about the outcome. Toni again made it very exciting. Each film - regardless of whether the film maker was present or not - was discussed in order of presentation. Clear statements were made about the strengths and weaknesses of the videos shown. That way the film maker could fully understand the jury’s evaluation - not just through the points list. As prizes all film makers received no medal this time, but a metal picture-frame in the form of a film strip. The top three filmmakers also received a trophy.

Thank you - dear Toni and dear Manuela for the successful Euro filmmakers Forum 2015. It was well organised, with perfect presentation, a warm welcome and many good films. It was a thoroughly successful event.

Countries, people and stories

by Anni Bergauer

With this theme Toni Wallner invited us to the big movie night at Tiefenbach near Passau in the "Knott" Guest House and many movie fans accepted his invitation.

The pub is familiar to many Eurofilmers, because Euro Filmfestival 2010 was held there. On his own big screen Toni showed films about Tibet, Bali, Nepal, Namibia and his hometown of Passau. Since he makes up to 10 films a year, there was a colourful selection of his new travel and documentaries available. Many of the approximately 130 guests came from as far afield as Vienna or Berlin.

After being greeted by the film maker and a short welcome address by the Managing Director of Eurofilmer the first movie started: Somewhere in Tibet - Shangri La.
Brilliant images, super sound quality. Then followed the film Lebensraum im Salz der Tränen  a video about the Etosha National Park in Namibia, with its flora and fauna.
In the film Dewi Sri sei Dank a film about the Balinese rice goddess, the film maker showed us the hard life of rice farmers, but also the gratitude and contentedness of the population.
The great hundred-year-flood in June 2013 in Passau at 12.89 meters was the second worst flood in the history of the city. Large areas of the Old Town and other parts of the centre were flooded. The brown waters of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers turned streets into canals. In the video Speechless Wallner documented the horrific tsunami.

After a short break we went on with his award-winning video Ein Paradies, das Namib heißt. During a trip through the desert areas in Namibia the audience learned a lot about the origin of the Namib and the wildlife living there. Impressive animal photographs and an informative commentary make this film about Africa worth seeing. Not for nothing is this film one of the most outstanding of Wallner’s films.
The next film was also set in Africa Life on the edge of the Desert about the last nomadic tribe in Namibia, the Himba. They live even today - relatively untouched by modern civilisation - as nomadic herdsmen, hunters and gatherers in very modest circumstances.
The relatives were proud that their father’s last trip was captured on film. Filming for Das Tor zum Irgendwo took two days, covering the cremation of Hindus in Nepal, filmed by Toni Wallner. This unique experience is to be taken into Bavarian schools as an instructional classroom video in the future.
Who does not remember 26th December 2004 - 10 years ago? An earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami, which killed more than 280,000 people. Mai pan rai (Back to Life) - 10 years after is a film reflection on this terrible natural disaster.

The last two films specially impressed the audience. There was lively discussion and a lot of approval for the film maker, in respect of these two very sensitively made videos. Both films will surely become cinematic highlights at various festivals and bring the film maker numerous awards.

Awards of The Euro-Filmforum Germany South & Austria 2015


  Autor Titel Land Rang Weitermeldung ans Festival
1 AG-Video Grundschule Rieden Unterschiede Boys vs. Girls D Gold Ja
2 Sonja Steger Die Luxemburg Babies A Gold Ja
3 Xaver Mayer Programmierer Bill D Gold Ja
4 Manfred Pilsz Den Ring muss ich haben A Silber Ja
5 Paul Aegerter Begreifen sie endlich D Silber Ja
6 Georg Merz Alle Jahre wieder D Silber Ja
7 Erwin Sprenger Mostln und Dörren A Silber Ja
8 Mario Piotrosinski Der Bellsche Fernsprecher D Silber Ja
9 Manfred Fuchs Brauchtum in Krungl A Silber Ja
10 Günther Walz Auf der Suche nach den Big Five D Silber Ja
11 Frank Lauter Vom Kocherhotel zum Kocherquartier D Silber Ja
12 Helmut Savini Oldie D Silber Ja
13 Horst Peter Natur Schutz pur D Silber Ja
14 Gerhard Menzel Das Leben am Hörgelaugraben D Silber Ja
Autoren mit Bronze-Medaille sind alphabetisch sortiert nach Filmtitel     
15 Erdmuthe Becker Bilbao, die verwandelte Stadt D Bronze  
16 Rolf Renk Capo Verde D Bronze  
17 Bernd Ochs Der große Leichtsinn D Bronze  
18 Franc Kopic Glockenklang SL Bronze  
19 Erich Hirsch                            Ich sing' dir ein Lied von Afrika D Bronze Ja
20 Wolfgang Gillhuber Kopf und Kragen D Bronze  
21 Arno Wehrmann Sandstone art D Bronze Ja

The films marked for forwarding are admitted to the EURO-Film Festival, subject to the quantitative limit of 85 films for the festival.