Europäischer Autorenkreis für Film und Video e. V.
European Film & Video Makers Circle

Forum Germany South and Austria

Report from the Forum D-South and Austria on 18 April 2015 Tiefenbach near Passau
by Anni Bergauer

Film makers from South Germany, Austria and Slovenia had submitted their films, a total of 224 minutes of screen time for 21 videos. So there was enough time for interesting discussions with film makers and guests. Toni Wallner, this year's host, presented to the film makers who came with their videos a small personal gift.

I am always amazed by the great variety and by what different topics individual filmmakers tackle. From a one minute funny cartoon to the impressive 23 minute documentary about helping people to help themselves allowing women in developing countries to earn a living. There were once again so many different films shown.

The humorous twelve minute animated film Programmer Bill fascinated not only the jury but also the audience with its realistic presentation of profiteering and making a fast buck in these hectic times. Any similarities to living people are absolutely deliberate and realistic.

The ability to shoot good movies has nothing to do with age, as the young people from the Rieden Primary School Video Group demonstrated. The 10-year-old film makers in their 11-minute video humorously showed the differences between boys and girls. Great ideas and implemented really skilfully. Respect! Not for nothing, this film was unanimously rated by the five-member jury as the best film in the Forum South / Austria.

The jury was: Werner Scheffknecht and Rudi Sorgan from Austria. Manuela Waltl and Toni Wallner and Anni Bergauer as jury president, from Germany. The level of the films was very high again this year. This was also reflected once more in the prizes. Three gold, ten silver and eight bronze medals. Out of 21 films, 16 were sent on to the Euro Filmfestival in Ansbach. I cannot mention all the good and very good silver films, there is simply not enough space. I can only appeal to all those interested to come to Euro Filmfestival in Ansbach, because there you can see many interesting movies.

During the lunch break Toni Wallner and Anni Bergauer were interviewed by Manfred Pilsz / Austria. A private Austrian broadcaster wanted information about the Eurofilmer and especially about the ongoing Euro filmmakers forum. The report will be transmitted in the next few days. We hope that we have made good publicity for our association.

After the final meeting of the jury, the film makers present were very curious about the outcome. Toni again made it very exciting. Each film - regardless of whether the film maker was present or not - was discussed in order of presentation. Clear statements were made about the strengths and weaknesses of the videos shown. That way the film maker could fully understand the jury’s evaluation - not just through the points list. As prizes all film makers received no medal this time, but a metal picture-frame in the form of a film strip. The top three filmmakers also received a trophy.

Thank you - dear Toni and dear Manuela for the successful Euro filmmakers Forum 2015. It was well organised, with perfect presentation, a warm welcome and many good films. It was a thoroughly successful event.