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European Film & Video Makers Circle

Small but oh my!

The Forum West, Benelux, UK on May 10th, 2019 in Düren

It is a small cinema, called "My Private Lumen" in Düren, offering room for 40 people, dusky lighting, a screen optimally designed for this room size and flexible technology for our purposes.

After Würselen 2017 and Düren 2018, Roka Wirtz once again has performed an outstanding organizational work for her third Forum West. Many, many thanks you to Roka, without your commitment no Forum West could have taken place this  year!

The film list contained a total of 16 films, including two from Austria, two from Great Britain and one film from Forum D-Süd. This author was appointed as a juror in Germany South, therefore his film was presented in Düren.

The presenter Oliver Bücker led us through the day with his well-known charming moderation, well-known from previous forums. After each film block he called the authors to the front and let them briefly report on their production work. Non-filmmakers are always amazed at how much time, work and expertise a film amateur spends on his film. This is especially true for writers who master their film from the idea, script, camera, editing, sound editing and post-production as a one-man team. And there were excellent performances flickering across the screen. As a little present, he handed a Eurofilmer flag to the authors.

At lunch time, the restaurant "Mongol Hann" offered its delicious Asian buffet.
Thereafter, cinema owner Benjamin Ried offered a special "delicacy", a tour through the state-of-the-art technical facilities on the upper floor of the cinema, which was accepted with great interest by many of us. In these "catacombs", nine cinemas are supplied with a control program that includes not only digital projection, but also fully automatic-controlled light, curtain and various other tasks. An experience for those who still remember the old 35mm projectors, where inserting and rewinding films by hand, accompanied by the hellish noise in the screening room was a job. (Yes, there were even 70mm films in those days!) Who remembers Stanley Kubrick's "2001 - Odyssey in Space" (1968!) or "Earthquake" (1974), in which, controlled only by low sound frequencies, the cinema chairs wobbled?) Memories!

During the preparation of the Forum Roka Wirtz rediscovered the big posters of the forums 2017 (Würselen) and 2018 (Düren). This brought her to a a wonderful idea: Four of the present authors had participated in all three forums with their films. They became honored with a raffle. For this Roka had filled her last 4 little gift boxes, remainders of the Forum 2018, with three rivets and a prize slip. So Dieter Schmieding of the Film and Video Club Siegburg was the happy one, who received the only three posters left over from these events.

Our heartfelt thanks to Klaus Krafft and the Film- und Videoclub Aachen, who donated a champagne drink in the lobby of the Lumen prior to the award ceremony!

This resulted in excellent mood during the award ceremony at the end of the event. Wolfgang Thomas, Forum Leader North and organizer of the jury, and Helmi Hansen, Regional Representative Germany-West, presented the medals and certificates.

The film "Biting into the Grass" by Ekkehard Christoffels, Düren who for the first time participated in an EAK forum, received a gold medal. 11 silver medals and 4 bronze medals were awarded and a total of 12 films could be forwarded to the Euro Film Festival in Harsefeld. Good luck for the authors!

Like often before, the visitors again praised the cheerful and harmonic atmosphere, which has become typical for Eurofilmer events.
Helmi Hansen

EUROFILMER Forum Germany-West, Benelux, UK 2019 in Düren

On 10.05.2019 the Eurofilmer Forum D-West took place in the cinema "Das Lumen" in Düren. On the start list 16 films by authors from Germany, Austria and Great Britain had been listet. Roswitha Wirtz organized the event, Oliver Bücker presented and Klaus Krafft, Chairman of the Filmclub Aachen, took care of the technology. The response of the visitors was very positive. A detailed report will be published in the EUROFILMER magazine issue of June 2019.