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European Film & Video Makers Circle

Forum Germany West 2015

Report on Forum D-West 25.04.2015
by Roswitha Katharina Wirtz:

The filmmakers: Roswitha Katharina Wirtz, Wolfgang Enge and Horst Krause can report with great pleasure that the Eurofilm Forum in Düren was a great success. Moderators and technicians from the First Düren Broadcasting Association helped set up the equipment. Catering was looked after by Sebaratin Atabey, who with his team, runs "The In-House Café for Everyone". The restaurateur was highly praised by all our visitors for the quality of food and organization. Gertie Dolfen and Hiltrud Klahr were the good souls of the day and served as hosts on behalf of the organisation.

The technical work was in the best of hands with Klaus Krafft from Aachen Film and Video Club. The screenings worked very well.

20 film makers were present in person on 25.04.2015 in Düren to see the 23 submitted films from 22 film makers, to discover their rating and receive their awards.

The following rankings were achieved:
     Gold for 5 films
     Silver for 4 movies
     Bronze for 11 films
     Diploma for 3 movies

18 films were sent on to the international Euro Filmfestival which takes place from 08-10 October 2015 in Ansbach (Bavaria).

The film An Apple A Day won the audience vote by just one vote.
Horst Krause was master-of-ceremonies through the day’s programme. His unique way of having a talk with the film makers held everyone’s attention. Wolfgang Enge was kept busy all day in organisational matters and his humorous style made for a cheerful event. Roswitha Katharina Wirtz was out and about with her camera and caught the event safely on film. A small clip about the day will soon be available to all the film makers and the Eurofilmers.

The moderator, Ude Ruland, and the technician, Tobias Grosskreuz, conducted interviews with the film makers. The EDR might even make one or two reports about the Festival on Radio Rur. Recordings of the broadcasts will gladly be provided for the film makers.

A journalist from the Düren newspaper was also there, watching a number of films. We are looking forward to an interesting article about our event. In total, the Düren Press published 3 articles about the event in advance.

Many visitors found their way into the screening room in the "House for All". The organisers counted about 75 people.

Herewith we would like to thank - the organising team - to thank all those film makers present for coming. They and their films made an important contribution to the success of the day.

See more images from Gertie Dolfen are in the gallery.

Awards of the Euro-Filmforum Germany West 2015


Titel Autor Ergebnis Weiter-meldung
Unterwegs in ZW Vlaanderen Rolf Schmidt Diplom nein
Liverpool Die Heimat der Beatles Michael Maischak Diplom nein
Eine Reise von Görlitz in das Riesengebirge Wolfgang Enge Diplom nein
Buongiorno Ligurien Roger Brink Bronze nein
DMV Motorcross Frieder Mallon Bronze nein
Der Fluss und seine Brücke Erik Jäger Bronze ja
Der Teufel im Spreewald Helmi Hansen Bronze ja
Der Schutzengel Autorenteam Moll/Krause Bronze ja
Die neue Alte Autorenteam Ferdinand Happel/ Wolfgang Enge Bronze ja
Ein einmaliges Erlebnis Harald Linder Bronze ja
Very Matsch in Sulawesi Horst Burmeister Bronze ja
Go Frieder Mallon Bronze ja
Vom Leinsamen zum Leinen Fritz Kümmel Bronze ja
Alto Adige Walter Richter Bronze ja
Hollywood im Viertel Horst Krause Silber ja
Die zweite Chance Eckard Splieth Silber ja
Heiße Effekte Irmlind Mallon Silber ja
Die Sehnsucht nach Weite Suzy Sommer Silber ja
an apple a day Autorenteam Wirtz/Krafft Gold ja
Ein verkannter Baumeister? Autorenteam Logutenok Jurij und Bernd Schultz Willebrand Gold ja
Kunst, Kirchen u. Paläste Reinhard Merke Gold ja
Zorro Guido Haesen Gold ja
Das neue Zuhause Peter Jesinowski Gold ja