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Impressions of the 2017 Sifa Festival in Hinwil

A novelty was that this year it was not a SIFA club that was responsible for the organisation of the event, but the President of the SIFA, Reto Stocker, who took charge. With the help of a few people he had gathered from the separate clubs, he set up the whole festival. Bravo! It was excellent and everyone who helped can proudly beat their chest: We put a very successful festival on its feet.

The organisers were very pleased to receive important guests from the Eurofilmers. Anni Bergauer and Werner Scheffknecht with their spouses were not put off by the long trip to Switzerland and they were able to watch the films and were also guests at the evening meal and the awards. So they were able to take home with them a good impression of how a SIFA festival runs.

What was striking was an absolutely perfect presentation on the big screen! This was possible thanks to new video technology (a new full-HD projector with a new screen for rear projection) in the Hirschensaal in Hinwil. In the ideal place in the hall were the sound mixing console and the PC from which the films were sent to the invisible projector. Since Roland Mees had transferred all the movies to HD, there were also no problems with conversion from 16: 9 to 4:3. For the imposing video projection, the ZOFA technical team received much praise from viewers and film makers. Quite superb: Each film was announced with title, author’s name etc. on the screen. In addition, the film makers, who were almost all present were introduced by the speaker to the large audience of up to 120 people.

The variety of subjects was within the same range as previous years, the organisers were happy about two successful fiction films. Animal films were again well represented, but a reportage by Urs Schadegg about an illegal gold mine in the Philippines was at the top. "The Golden Mountain" showed the working conditions in impressive pictures, even on days where the water was literally up to the workers’ necks. Obviously a film about gold production was awarded a gold medal.

Also receiving gold medals were: "Call of the Icy Autumn Winds" a film about polar bears in Canada by Willi Grau, as well as an elaborate production by Markus Beerli: "The Last Ride". He accompanied a locomotive driver on his last ride before retirement on the legendary Gotthard route, which is now replaced by the Basistunnel.

There are no trends towards new film directions, so our filmmakers will continue to bring what they like and what interests them. This is also in line with the principles of amateur filming, no prescriptions, no restrictions, complete freedom in the choice of subject. It is difficult for the film makers to discover that the entire audience (and thus the jury) do not see the film as they intended it. If you give your film to the competition, it will be made public and you will have to be able to face the fact that one film does please the audience at the SIFA / Eurofilmer and another less so. This does not mean that a badly rated film is not a good one, you just have to change the audience (jury).

There were 25 films at the start of the 2017 SIFA Filmfestival and they are all works that do not deserve to be hidden. 19 of them will be forwarded to the Eurofilmfestival in Harsefeld near Hamburg.

At the end of the concert, the audience wore satisfied looks. After a good dinner and musical performances, came the time the film makers had been awaiting, and for many, the happy message: "We are going to Harsefeld near Hamburg, my film will be shown at the Eurofilmfestival between 5th and 7th October 2017 ".

Hansruedi Wiget

SIFA Festival / EURO forum in Wald

"Variety of topics at the film festival" was the headline in the local press. Although only 21 films were submitted, the headline was true. Good advertising meant that 70 viewers were in the hall for the first film, which naturally made us very happy, because besides a few film makers, these were mainly people from the village who watched the films. But one has to say that the screenings did not start until around 9:30. This is the advantage of the smaller number of competition entries, you do not have to start screening at 8:00 or even earlier. The number of viewers increased then so that in the afternoon there were around 100 spectators present. Technically, everything went smoothly and without a hitch, even the 16mm film by Günter Viereckt ran flawlessly.

The "Filmerbeiz" had their hands full, "Mince with macaroni and apple sauce" went like hotcakes and finally some would-be lunchers had to be given a refund, because there simply was no more. But cake was sold, which helped the club coffers, since all baked goods had been given free by our lady filmers.

The Banquet in the Windegg and subsequent award ceremony was the culmination of a successful day. An excellent dinner and an atmospheric prize giving ceremony rounded off the day.

Conclusion: Even with fewer films a nice and warm festival can be held.

SIFA 2015

45. Sifa Film Festival / Forum Euro 2015 Wald ZH - results

Filmtitel Autor/-in Auszeichnung Euro
Moor Zeiten Heinz-Werner Breiter Gold *
Rhapsodie in Blue Manfred Klein Gold *
Ein Tag am Rio Jandula Hansruedi Wiget Silber *
Leben am Geleise Urs Schadegg Silber *
Das gestohlene Tor F. Lubiato & Kinderstudio Silber *
Bergland in Grün Wili Grau Silber *
Unsere Kreuzfahrt mit der Costa Fortuna Roland Mees, Doris Graf Silber *
Schalom Franz Plessel Silber *
Ein aussergewöhnlicher Besuch Peter Fasolin Silber *
Abenteuer Australien Hanspeter Ortner Silber *
Kunstmaler Hans Zeller Ueli Bietenhader Silber *
Das Buchenhaus Wili Waser Silber *
Wo Wasser ist, da ist auch ... Günter Viereckt Silber *
Costa Rica Heinz Führi Bronze  
Care for Dogs Dieter Amsler Bronze *
Der Baukran Eckhard Meyer Bronze  
Die Bank Francois Elmiger Bronze  
Der professionelle Schliff Fritz Hofman Bronze *
Einachsertreffen Hansrudi Huwiler Bronze  
"Vo mir uus chan er choo" Robert Brunner Bronze *
Alpabzug Flims Bill O Ritter Anerkennung  
Sonderpreise für (den)
Einblick in ein wenig bekanntes Handwerk Der professionelle Schliff Fritz Hofman
Aktuell und völkerverbindend Das gestohlene Tor F. Lubiato & Kinderstudio

Gold and silver results in order of ranking. Bronze in alphabetical order.