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European Film & Video Makers Circle

A painful message

We all know Günter very well, because he was not only SIFA President in Switzerland, but also Vice President of the EAK. Günter was always very active and almost every year he screened a new film. Last year he created the film "Das Alter". Considering that he had worked on 16 mm so far, it was remarkable to see this film now in H8 format. No easy task this switch! But this was Günter, time and again ready for something new.

At every festival during his active years he was in charge of reviewing the submitted films, and this with up to 120 entries. He did it with humour and especially with great praise for the authors of the films. His interaction with the filmmakers was always excellent. He knew not only the film, but also the author very well. Through this knowledge he established many friendships.

Günter himself has won the "Goldene Filmband" several times:
" Stop a while" 1977
"Music, image of life" 1978
"Have reverence for her music" 1984
Günter was for all the years I knew him, very reliable and always ready to give good advice.

And I'll tell you a little more. One can imagine that in an association problems occur again and again, which must besolved. A phone call from me to Günter quickly settled the matter, because he knew how to to answer critical questions.

Many filmmakers will now remember him and wish that he was still among them, in order to to give them advice and to examine their newly created film. So now it's time to say goodbye to a good friend - and again and again comes the memory of his good advice and of his humour.

Thank you, Günter, for being my friend for years. I will never forget you.

Ruth M. König
Honorary President of the EAK